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The Seven Best Things To Donate today!

The 7 Best Things To Donate Today !


If you’re anything like me, you have a constant battle to justify donating items which may have been a gift from a loved one or something that had a hefty price tag and has never been worn.

So what are the best things to donate ?

There are certain things we could easily give away without any guilt at all , our time and money are just a couple of  examples .

The less stuff we buy the easier it is to stay out of debt and the easier it is to give to a favourite charity.

The less busy we make ours and our children’s  lives the more time we have to give to others, whether its family or community.

The stuff we keep shoved in our closets and overstuffed drawers will make someone else very happy, give it a new home, and create some space in your own home.

Gadgets are improving and changing at such an alarming rate that its very hard to keep up with today’s technology, we all have a gadget graveyard in our house somewhere which is crammed with spare leads from forgotten computers or tablets, old mobile phones from the 90’s never to be charged again! These are the first thing that should go!

Unwanted gifts, this is a tricky one !  But my thoughts are,  I’d rather someone else loved it than shove it in the cupboard and  it take up valuable space ! The gift giver will never know you’ve not used it so you can probably, in the majority of times, donate it without any guilt at all!

The 7 best things to donate today !

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