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I cannot read enough books about parenting , minimalism, decluttering and simplifying.

So I’ve put together a list of resources I’ve read which I feel have made a huge impact in my parenting , cleaning and organising skills .

I hope you enjoy them too!

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                    Books To Read Today !




The guru of decluttering !

This lady really knows her stuff when it comes to throwing stuff away, an amazing book by an amazing lady !  £10.82


This book really is life changing!

This is by the same author and really will change the way you declutter and shop forever ! £7.99



A beautiful way to parent!

This book changed the way I parent in every way, and helped me become more patient and calm with my kids. It focuses on simplifying and slowing down our kids lives to focus on the things they will remember when they are adults. £8.36



Got a fussy eater ? This is the book for you!

This author lived in France and studied the way their parenting differers from ours for the better!

Full of tips to try !



THE Minimalists!

These guys are amazing, they had it all, the job, the house, the flash car and they gave it all up to live a simplified minimalist life. A real eye opener for anyone wanting to start on a journey to a simplified life £6.99


If you like to plan , here’s your man !

This guy takes you through exactly how to get all those crazy messages and to do lists in your head down into manageable lists, and shows you how to productively get them done !  £7.4



Procrastination buster!

beat procrastination today with these super simple and effective tips !   £0.99



Need a money makeover ?

This is a no-nonsense guide to getting and staying out of debt, sand managing your finances for a stable future!    £16.48



Becoming a mindful mother.

A beautiful parenting book which covers self care and calm parenting. £9.99



After simplifying head to Hygge!

Learn the Danish way to live a happy life ! £4.99



Suffering from digital overload?

This book shows you how to switch off!   £5.99



Marie Kondo’s second book.

Very cute illustrations to simplify the Konmari method ! £4.99




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