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Christmas Countdown Workshop , Free 31 day guide

31 day free Christmas countdown workshop

Are you ready to join me in our Christmas countdown workshop?

Jump into our Free Christmas Countdown Workshop today and you will follow our 31 day steps to an organised Christmas Day .

How to use this guide

  • Start  as soon as you can on week 1.
  • Complete one task a day, you will find a new task every day for 31 days.
  • If you miss a day it’s not too much of a problem  however, try not to miss more than a couple tasks or you’ll find you will run out of time to get  all the tasks done!
  • Some of the days have shopping tasks.
  • Some  of the days are dedicated are pre planning.
  • Some of the days are for cleaning tasks.
  • Try to follow the correct order I have set you , as you don’t want to be cleaning too early or posting your Airmail too late !
  • Tick off the tasks as you complete them.


I’ve tried to cover as much as I could for the average family but due if plans differ in your household  you may like to substitute a task which isn’t relevant for you with one which is such as booking flights/taxis if you are planning on travelling for instance.

To download my free Christmas Countdown Workshop

Free Christmas countdown
Simple easy to follow slides



Daily tasks make organising your Christmas so much easier!

Just click this link Christmas Countdown Workshop to be directed to the free slideshow and start today!

If you’d like to print the workshop so you can put it in your planner or cross off the tasks then just  click here for our free printable version!


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31 days To Totally Organised Christmas
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