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My Secret Tip To keep School Paperwork Organised!

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Fed up with a pile of school papers ?

Ok so here is a super quick tip to keep all of your school paperwork in one organised place , it is mobile and accessible at any time of the day!

It’s it so simple it really is genius !

Firstly, let’s look at the copious amounts of paperwork which arrives through your door from school.

  • Party invitations ~ these arrive in your house  in copious amounts and either get stuck to the fridge or end up in a heap with all the other piles of paperwork which you need to trawl through and organise. One week before the party you panic that you haven’t replied to the invitation and frantically search though the items in the pile only to find its missing and has ended up who knows where!
  • Parent events and parent evening letters, see above !
  • School sports activities, see above ,you see a pattern forming here!
  • school calendars
  • world book day letters and many other non uniform letters
  • school project with deadlines letter
  • competition letters
  • school trip letters

The list is quite literally endless but they do all have one thing in common, either you need to sign for it, pay for it , attend it or it has a deadline !

Oh and you can multiply the volume of it by the amount of children you have at school!

So how do you keep on top of it all?

I have a 3 point plan to keep it all  organised

  1. Write it straight into your diary , or on the calendar. I prefer to use my phone’s diary because it’s  always with me and I can see at a glance my plans  if someone asks me  something in the school playground.
  2. File those bits of paper immediately ~ I will be showing you the best method to deal with this in a moment !
  3. Reply to any invitations immediately!




My secret to keeping school paperwork organised!



1) First you will need  a lovely A5 sized  page to a day diary or planner.

I use this page to a day planner from Collins

2) You will need a stapler , nothing fancy just a stapler !


3)   Next, check the date on your  school paperwork,  the date on which the event falls!

how to organise school papers
In this case it would be Wednesday 18th October at 4pm


4 )    Find the corresponding page in your diary.

5) Fold to A5 size if necessary then staple the invitation or letter etc to the corresponding diary page.

Here is the paperwork stapled onto the corresponding diary page

And that is basically it !

You now have a filing system you can take with you on the go and one which is easily accessible user friendly, and super organised and super cheap!


At the beginning of each week make sure you check what is coming up in your planner so you can:

  • Make sure  you have presents bought and wrapped for upcoming parties
  • See which events you have coming up.
  • Put money in envelopes ready to take to school
  • Sign any forms and have  ready to return to school .
  • Double check times and venues of parties and sporting events.

This is my version of a tickle file just without the cumbersome box file!

Any miscellaneous notes which don’t have a specific date but are kept for reference are stapled into the notes bit at the back of the diary !

It’s as simple as that !


This system works well with keeping receipts  and coupons too!

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