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How To Get Streak Free Glass And Chrome .

Is Streak Free Glass And Chrome Eluding You ?

Any  dog owner  or mum to a toddler would probably tell you that  dirty  glass is the bane of their lives.

As both a mother of little kids and a professional domestic , commercial cleaner and organiser I’m here to tell you it is mine too!

If your technique isn’t correct it  can be a lot of graft for a hugely disappointing result , then, you find yourself cleaing it a second time only to find the same thing happens again !

Well , I am going to tell you how to go from streaks to sparkling in a flash!

There’s no great trick to this I’m afraid , it’s all down to the tools you use and technique !


Firstly let’s have a chat about cloths …


This is the important bit in your quest for a streak free finish .

You need to invest in a “glass cloth”,  glass cloths can be used with only water, but I  prefer to use a glass cleaner which we will talk about later.

My recommended glass cloth, is  an e-cloth, it is lint free and does not leave any residue on the surface of your glass or chrome.




e-cloth £8.56 for 2, click to order.

 Next let’s chat about technique.

There is absolutely no point ordering fancy new cloths to use if your technique leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s pretty simple with glass and chrome just stick to the rules!

  1. The drier your cloth the better your shine, a tiny amount of  water on your cloth should be sufficient.  Should you have a heavily soiled surface, increase the wetness of your cloth.
  2. Spot clean, for mirrors and windows try to deal with the heavily soiled areas first before cleaning the whole area.
  3. Don’t over spray, after removing the crud you should now only need the tiniest spray over the area you are cleaning, the more product you use , the harder it is to clean off and the more time consuming!


Choosing the correct product.

There are literally hundreds of glass cleaners on the market , some are horrendously streaky and some are great.

I have tried hundreds of products over the years both professional and domestic and there is one product I keep returning to as  I find it never streaks , Xanto Power Active window and glass cleaner 650ml  £5.24 is by far the best I’ve tried.



Xanto 650ml £5.24 , click to order.

So there you have it, that’s how the professionals get a streak free finish to windows , doors , mirrors and chrome I also use the same products on glazed tile and all other gloss surfaces such as kitchen cabinets etc.


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