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5 Top Tips For Getting The Laundry Mountain Under Control

laundry routine

Don’t  you just love it ?

Its ability to triple in size in the blink of an eye.
The  empty basket of laundry you smile at smugly only to find that 30 seconds later your husband has picked up his all his dirty clothes from the side of the bed and filled it up again .

We all have our own way of doing our washing , some people do it once a week , some people do it by colour, some do it daily.
I’ve tried them all , some were hideous,  some worked well . Here for what it’s worth is how I do it !

  • My first job in this drudgery of dirty clothes was to train everyone in my house to put their clothes in the washing basket . Sounds simple ? Not so ! It turns out that even a man of 41 years old would rather drop them on the floor , then repeatedly pick them up and place them on the bed , then move them to the floor again at bed time than walk an extra foot to the washing basket ! He also enjoys volleying his underpants to wherever they will land . The children were easier in this department and apart from the odd random sock or underpants in the lounge they have mastered this skill.


  • If I get behind on the laundry which I often do due to our busy schedule I catch up by washing the loads by person , so when it comes to folding and putting away it all goes in one persons wardrobe
    Whenever possible I wash ,dry and put away all on the same day and I try not to start a load unless I know I can complete that cycle.


  • I also try to wash everything we have worn that day so the basket is mostly empty


  • When the kids have been swimming or we are going somewhere muddy I make sure the washing machine is empty before we go , so wet towels or muddy sports kits can go straight in the wash .


  • I try to prioritise work shirts , school uniforms and sports wear above everything else so they’re always good to go .
    I try to iron at least every other day when possible .



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Final thoughts…

My lovely Mum has 28 pairs of knickers / underpants for each member of the family and does a “knicker” wash once a month , I’m still trying to get my head round that method !

Also the good news is that we don’t have to do it all by hand these days !

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12 thoughts on “5 Top Tips For Getting The Laundry Mountain Under Control

  1. I hate doing laundry, but it the one thing that we decided would be “my” job – most things we share or do together, but early on it was decided that I would do the washing and my husband would do the bathroom. I think I definitely go the downside of that agreement! I probably have one day out of a whole month where I don’t have a pile of washing to sort though. I know if I did it every day it wouldn’t take me long, but I can just never get in the habit. I like your idea of doing a load a person, so you only have their washing to put away. Very good tip!

  2. The dreaded laundry mountain! Some great tips, I like the doing it by person one I hadn’t thought of that! My husband also doesn’t seem to be able to put his clothes in the basket!

  3. I actually love organising the washing basket, i put into the whites, darks and colours and where the darks always need more than one washload i categorise work clothes with underwear and then casual clothes. Darks are always first in the wash!

  4. If im honesy i love doing the laundry nothing makes me happier, but the nly real issue is, is that i’ve not enough space to dry everything, but roll on spring so that clothes can go outside!

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