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8 Steps To Follow To Become A Minimalist.


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Do you long to live like a minimalist but have no idea where to start ?

 Do you really need  

  • six pairs of nail clippers ?
  • enough paper clips  to supply three primary schools ?
  • three spatulas ?
  • six jugs ?
  • three mascaras?
  • ten pairs of jeans?
  • three rolls of sticky tape ?
  • three hammers?
  • two mallets?

no , Me neither !

So why do we find ourselves with so many multiples of one item ?

  •  just in case we’ve got thousands of presents to wrap ?
  • or we need to cut all the toenails  of all the people in the village at the same time ?
  • or maybe our spatulas will spontaneously combust and we may need a spare?

 It’s utter lunacy, but if you’re anything like me you’re likely to have most things in duplicate ” just in case .”


THE MINIMALISTS  in their book Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists  talk about how most things can be replaced within a few hours for less than a few quid if it is needed to be replaced in an emergency .

 I have been known to ask the neighbours to open a can of kidney beans for me when my can opener broke for the umpteenth time , so we can get by if we have to.
Let go of  all your just in case worries and think ,when was the last time “just in case ” actually happened ? 
 if it does happen it’s  probably  more than likely to be your washing machine which combusts rather than your spatulas ! 

So here are your quick fire steps to getting rid of those extra items . 

  1. Start with a particular group of items . E.g. Candles
  2. Search through the entire house and gather every single one of those items you have in your house, car garage  or handbag .
  3. Group all together in one spot. 
  4. Wonder why you ended up with so many of the same item .
  5. Discard / donate any that you do not use .
  6. Keep only the one / ones you use or love . 
  7. Find a permanent home for the item so everyone in the house knows you have it , where to find it and, that it doesn’t need to be bought again until it either runs out or breaks . 
  8. Do not keep stuff “just in case”, especially if you don’t use it ! 
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