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The Simple Guide to Stop Toy Clutter.


How to deal with toy clutter
Simplifying toys reduces clutter

The school holidays are coming to an end and we are still enjoying the non-rushing, non-shouty mornings , but along with the lazier days comes the endless stream of mess and clutter which we seem to have no time to organise.

  • cups
  • plates
  • spilt drinks
  • crisps crunched into the carpet.
  • piles of toys
  • dirty piles of half worn clothes.
  • shoes
  • paper clutter
  • arts and craft clutter
  • tangled up knitting

But besides all that usual mess , there is also lurking  in the most extraordinary places the horrors of the sweet wrapper in the candle holder, the half chewed sweet behind a cushion, the underpants in the paddling pool, the Lego in the shower , the spiky seashell in your bed, they lurk ready to inflict pain at every opportunity!
We can’t do much to tackle the lurkers but we can tame the toys ! So let’s start with these few easy steps!

  • Start with a massive bin bag and throw everything away which is broken , obviously this has to be done with the stealth like precision of the SAS team just incase anyone desperately wants the doll with no head !
  • Next, separate the toys which are noisy , branded or battery operated and put them in storage.
    Seperate the remaining toys into groups , for example ;
    Animals/ farm
    Arts and crafts
    Board games
    Role play
    Lego & construction
    Choose one set from each group and set them out within easy reach . Place the rest into storage for rotation later on .
    Choose two books for each child and put the rest into rotation for later on.
    Allow your children the time and space to play without interruption, you should soon notice a change in the way your children interact with their toys .



What differences did I notice in my children’s playtime ?

I soon realised that they suddenly got excited about their now easily accessible toys , I watched while they played together for the first time with no arguments , I watched their imaginations come alive . Their once neglected toys were picked up again and loved and played with over and over again .


Did they miss having lots of toys ?

No, they didn’t realy notice as they could find things so much easier without the clutter of too much stuff and too many choices .
They built dens

they drew

they wrote stories.

They didn’t ask for TV or tablets.

They played and played.


Is two  books each  too few ? What if your kids love books ?

No , quite the opposite, at bedtime the stories became more animated as they really got engrossed in the familiarity , they got the know the stories so well they were role playing them in their general play during the week !


What happened next ?

After a week I rotated the groups from the extra toys and books in storage and the same thing happened again . My kids were calmer happier and more focused.
A year later I still rotate and they’re still excited too see their toys come out of rotation ( it’s almost like shopping in your own house ) , I donate any toys they don’t levitate to and any books they’re not excited about . The noisy toys get donated and they are never missed.



Tidying up !

Today the toys will only take five minutes maximum to tidy up which is amazing and it is also easy for my kids to put their stuff away themselves. win win for me!




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