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6 Simple Tips You Need To Follow To Stop Yourself Buying More Stuff

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There are generally two ways stuff comes into our house.

It is either given to us or we buy it .

We are often given stuff we don’t need and we often buy stuff we don’t need. Resulting in bulging shelves , bursting cupboards, and  overstuffed drawers .


So how can we control this urge to buy more unwanted stuff?

  1. Take a good look at the stuff you throw away.
    As you are simplifying, look at each bag of stuff you discard in monetary value, think of how many hours at work you spent to earn the equivalent amount of money, try not to cry !
  2. Take a look at the size of the stuff you throw away.
    Take note of how much space those bin bags of unwanted items take up in your room before you take them out of the house, that space is the equivalent amount of space you’ve just created.
  3. See your new purchases as future junk.
    If you’re going in for the kill on an impulse purchase the possibility that it will be donated within 6 months should be enough to stop the impulse and for you to walk away and pause for thought.
  4. Remember it is not a bargain.
    It is only a bargain if you were going to buy it before it was reduced. If not ,it is more than likely join to be another costly mistake .
  5. Think about what makes you happier.
    What has more value to you , the item you’ve been craving , or the money in your pocket and the space in your house ?
  6. Say no to other people’s unwanted junk .
    Don’t let that bin bag of other people’s’ unwanted stuff over your beautifully de-cluttered doorstep !


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